We Are Live

Welcome to the first official post for WTA Online, the site that answers all your technical web hosting and VPN (Virtual Private Network) questions in the simplest possible way.

TA is the hosting expert, while VPNs are my (Warren) forte, and that’s what each of us will be focusing on. Put us together, and we’re a team to be reckoned with. Our current, as the portal is in its infancy, is to put up a post each every two weeks or so, with the hope of accelerating as the site becomes profitable. Of course, that is not a hard rule. If something comes up (say one of our customers submits a question which everyone would benefit from being answered), we will post as frequently as we have to.

To start off, we have added two videos to the sidebar on the right, one explaining what web hosting is, the other focusing on VPNs. These are videos we pulled off YouTube, and we will be replacing these with our one sometime hopefully soon, but both TA and I felt having something up immediately was important.

We hope you enjoy the content, and we’ll be posting again soon.