Sunday, April 26, 2015
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World Taekwondo Alliance


The quality of our tournament is directly related to the quality of our tournament officials.  We wish to encourage participation of Officials from all the teams represented at this year’s tournament.   There is no charge to be an official.  

The World Taekwondo Alliance is looking forward to your attendance at this prestigious event. We are currently grouping our officials to assist in making this event as rewarding for attendees as possible. In efforts to make this event successful, rewarding, and operate smoothly we are attempting to pre-qualify officials to meet certain requirements and place officials in the correct positions based on the experience of that person.

If you are interested in helping as an official, please take the time to complete the Official’s forms.

DIRECTOR OF OFFICIALS -  for this year’s event is Master Troy Burleson of the American Martial Arts Alliance.  Master Burleson is an accomplished International competitor and International Certified Official.  He will be working with all of you to help you understand the rules and make sure that you get the tournament experience you are seeking.

OFFICIAL DRESS - The USTL-WTA would like its Officials to be easily recognizable and, therefore, request you wear either the black WTA Official’s Shirt along with black or khaki pants or the USTL Official's Shirt with khaki pants.  You may dress in a suit and tie (or female equivalent)  as an alternative while judging. If you would like to order an Official’s shirt, you may do so on the Retail Order form, and we will have it available at the Tournament Rules Clinic for you.

RULES TRAINING CLINIC - The USTL-WTA will be sponsoring an Official’s Clinics on Thursday, June 27th at the Tournament location. We would like all officials to attend if at all possible. Your Official’s credentials will be available following the Clinic. You may find it helpful to review the Summary of Tournament rules and the three power point presentations of the rules for Forms and Breaking, Point Sparring and Continuous Sparring that are available on this website. Please feel free to email us at if you have any questions regarding tournament rules, procedures and officiating.

Please complete the attached Summary of your Judging Experience so we may place you where your skills may best be utilized. THANK YOU.

There are two ways to register:
1.  Submit the information below.
2.  Fill out this form and email it back to


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